The importance of Targeted Advertising


All over the Internet, all the time, information is being collected about you. But don’t worry! What’s mostly being collected is data involving what websites you frequent, what types of topics or products you tend to search for, the pages you like on Facebook, that sort of thing. This information is organized so that when companies want to advertise their products to large demographics, they know they’re advertising to the right people.

That’s what targeted advertising is all about.

If you’re selling a new model of fishing rod, for example, you don’t want to advertise it to people who search for keywords like “cosplay,” “anime,” or “manga” – you want to market to those who look up “hunting,” “outdoors,” and “fishing.” No matter how huge they may be, advertising to groups of people is useless unless you’re almost completely certain that it will somehow generate interest, and therefore generate sales.

By using targeted advertising, you don’t have to wait for potential customers to find your website and your online shop; you can find them on the websites they frequent most. You can run a targeted ad campaign on Facebook and generate thousands of likes across the country just for a few short sentences and an image that shows up on the side of users’ Facebook pages. Now that’s powerful!

In a lot of ways, targeted advertising is one of the most productive and fruitful forms of advertising in existence. Think of all the time you’d waste otherwise, trying to figure out ways to market your products to exactly the kinds of people who are most likely to be interested. It’s not possible! By running some simple campaigns, you spend very little money, and your product is viewed by exactly the people you want to be advertising to. It’s so powerful, it’s practically magic.
So when you’re ready to start some serious marketing campaigns to expand your fan base and attract new customers to your Facebook page or website, consider using targeted advertising. Sure, you could pay big bucks to air a commercial on TV, on YouTube, and some ads in local newspapers, but how do you know who will see those? These days, targeted Internet advertising is the most promising and economically sound form of advertising your business could indulge in. Not only do you ensure that you’re targeting your desired demographic, but if they like it enough they’ll share it among their friends and family, developing the potential to go viral – and you didn’t even have to get out of your office chair to make it happen!

Hot Items to Sell Online


The Internet is a vast, densely populated place, frequented by millions of people who all have money to spend. Those that have learned to work this system in their favor know that by selling desirable products through effective advertising campaigns, anyone with enough dedication and marketing savvy can potentially reap huge amounts of profit.
Individuals looking to work from home and entrepreneurs gearing up to start their own online shops can also get themselves nice pieces of this pie, and if you too are thinking about selling items online, there is a wealth of possibilities for you to pursue.

Unfortunately, as you can imagine, it’s not that easy; there is an incredible amount of competition coming from all over the planet, and many of those people have been playing this game for years.
So how can an initiate ever hope to gain a foothold?

The true way to start out as an online merchant is to find a niche to burrow into and focus on specific niche items that large groups of people will enjoy. When you’re just starting out, you want to play it safe, and that means supplying items that are guaranteed to give you a return on your investment. If you want to sell geeky toys and comic book memorabilia, for example, you’re not looking to sell all manners of comics and toys, you’re looking to sell “Iron Man Bobbleheads.” Specific, culturally relevant, popular, and fairly inexpensive (you’re looking to sell things over a minimum of $10-$20).

Let’s take a look at some more examples.

Have you noticed how many books – primarily those for teens and young adults – are getting huge Hollywood movie deals these days? When movies like these are released, suddenly there is a global explosion of interest in the source material, and that’s something you can count on staying popular for years to come.

You can exploit these cultural phenomena and make good money while doing so; books are relatively light and cost little for shipping, and even when the craze for the film and the book dies down, you’ll still see that thousands or even millions of people are still buying them. Classics never go out of print for that same reason, because even though the craze over them declined long ago, there is still a huge cultural interest in them.

Bedsheets, linens and towels
These are all items that are constantly in demand, but remember, you want to sell niche products: so think Spongebob Squarepants sheets for the kids, or Guardians of the Galaxy towels for the geeky young adult. These are items that are always in demand, meaning they have potential to be sold year-round. That’s the kind of item you want to consider selling.

Your own creations
If you’re an artist and a craftsperson and you have the kinds of products to sell that would spread like wildfire on Pinterest, then you have the potential to make a good amount of money. Maybe you make colorful dreamcatcher earrings, or specialized locket necklaces, or your own hand-painted t-shirts – whatever it may be, if it’s aesthetically pleasing and fairly-priced, there is a niche out there for you to fill. You will want to take your time getting started selling your own products, but you can find eventual success through social media networking and marketing.

Things to avoid
What you don’t want to sell are items that are only temporarily interesting to the public. Selling socks with jack-o-lanterns on them might be a fun Halloween item, but if you don’t sell them all before Halloween, you’re going to have a lot left over. You don’t want to sell iPhone 4 cases if they’re already on iPhone 6. Don’t invest in accessories for Playstation 3 if Playstation 4 is currently stealing the spotlight.

The idea is to keep it simple, light, small and fun. With some careful contemplation and a bit of moxie, you could soon be on your way to establishing a successful online business.

Women’s Apparel is one of the best product categories to sell online


You’ve probably read about it before if you use the Internet often: women dominate the world of social media. They check their profiles more frequently than men, they interact with offers from brands more frequently, and they’re the main reason why the “visual web” (meaning Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram) has been exploding in popularity. With stats like these, it’s hard not to see the great sales potential available to merchants selling products for women.

The visual web works by liking, organizing and sharing images of things that are pleasing to look at, and one of the most popular things for many women to look at is and has always been fashion. Ladies of all ages and walks of life tend to have a keen eye for style, and that means they’re very often on the lookout for interesting new apparel, either to add to their Pinterest boards, share with their friends, or maybe even purchase for their own wardrobes.

That’s why selling women’s apparel through the visual web can be such a lucrative endeavor. Not only because women are highly likely to interact with ads on social media that interest them, but because the social aspect of the visual web facilitates the sharing of product images and interaction with the products displayed. So if you have a Pinterest profile for your online shop and there’s an image of a sweater you’re selling that lots of women seem to like, that image and the name of your store have the potential to spread like wildfire. And the more that people see your products and talk about them, logically, the more potential sales will start to manifest!

Clothing is always in high demand, no matter what the age group, the niche or the country; ladies all over the world love to look their best, so if you have great women’s apparel that enough people like and share, you could find yourself running a respectable online business.

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